The tech-world of today is not the tech-world of yesteryears, and obviously it will not be so tomorrow. What I mean by this is that there is always a new technological development in the tech arena. And when we talk about today’s tech-field, there is always a new and revolutionary technological development going on to change our tomorrow.

Following the same, the year of 2015 had been the remarkable year for the tech-world with an upsurge of many new gadgets while creating technology destruction and remaking it the craziest ways. But the year of 2016 is certainly not going to be so different rather the year will be a legend with many different types of new and advanced technologies that would revolutionize the technology  world. So, let’s glance through the top 5 revolutionary technologies:


Autonomous driving

If you are a car freak, then Tesla S Model must be having high esteem and position in your heart with its autonomous driving style and excellent performance with battery. Using renewable resources as fuel has long been salivating for many automobile makers, but Tesla has proven that the world can be triumphed even without organic fuel like petrol and diesel.

So expect the future cars to be incorporated with the technology that will help artificial intelligence and robots to take over from drivers on highways.

It is a great news that finally our offspring will be able to breathe in fresh air during the high traffic jam. And the most important is that with the inception of autonomous driving technology the battery cars will be cheaper, and thus make the process of getting auto loans like car title loans easy  and hassle-free.


Virtual reality

Is it like a dream or some high sci-fi science movie where you can enter the virtual gaming zone and win the fight? If it is so, then hold your breath as the dream is going to be a hardcore reality in the year 2016. Samsung, with its gear VR, is already knocking the door of the high potential market of 3D gaming, and very soon Oculus will be thwacking  the world with its virtual reality headset that helps users to create their own customized virtual world, and manipulate it according to their will.


Artificial neural network

When it comes to a technology breakthrough, artificial neural networks have already not left any stone unturned. The simulated brain that our traditional computers have, would be much smarter, more sophisticated and more intelligent. While artificial neural networks work behind the curtain and save us from fraudulent transactions, ease the delivery routes of online retail stores and many other works that we are unaware of, the same is going to be grand in 2016.

Companies like Amazon are  exploring the next generation drone delivery system, social media platforms like Facebook and Google are working with their intelligent virtual assistants, which is claimed to have enormous power like the self-drive autonomous cars and many other works.



For every gadget and smartphone users, battery backup always remains the real pain. While a lot of phones already come integrated with QUALCOMM’s Quick Charge, in 2016, almost all the phones are going to be incorporated with this quick battery charging feature. Thus, this radical breakthrough in battery technology will make the battery charge faster than before.



No, drones are not only going to be used for bombarding in military actions, but in the year 2016, this technologically advanced gadget can make an ostentatious change in the way we live. From hobbyist to click videos and pictures or surveillance, the gadget is all set to become ubiquitous practically for everything, for instance, quick delivery, film-making, law enforcement, in the shipping industry, for government uses, etc.