As a blogger myself, I know what is the impact of more followers in any blog or website. Each new follower, not only adds more traffic to the social media site, but it also magnetizes potential followers from his/her friend list. It drives like a chain.

A Mr. X started following your blog, he shares your blog post that reaches to his entire friend’s list. Now if only 5 of his friends read your article, like it and again share, it will open the chain of followers to all of their friend lists. The more followers your blog has, the more popularity you gain and the more social media traffic you get that ultimately turns to a virtuous earning through Adsense. In a simpler way, the followers are the prime key to the success of any social media sites or the blog.

The question now raises automatically that, is there any sure-shot ways to get a fixed number or desired number of followers. Unfortunately, the honest answer is “NO”. There is no shorter route to gain popularity. If it is so, then what we are discussing here?

It is true that you cannot guarantee a certain number of followers, but here we are going to discuss 9 great ways through which you can, at least, boost your social media traffic and eventually achieve the desired target audiences. Excited, let’s begin:

The first and foremost mantra is to comprehend the mood of your audience. There are two types of bloggers, one who does it professionally and the other one who does blogging because he/she just wants to. The second types of people do not have to do anything with the traffic, but professional bloggers who blog to earn must understand what the audience wants to read. Do not forget, your followers are the king. They help you to earn, so respect their choice and choose your topic accordingly.

A wise blogger knows when to hit the button. Yes, like prime time for the digital media, there is always prime time for the bloggers to publish the new blog. It is the time when most people are online and have free time to read your writing. What could be the time? Many surveys have revealed that the time between afternoons to late night is the best time to publish your article.

Consistence is the next step of getting followers. If you abort your blog, how can you expect followers to be with you? Discussion, Q&A, free offers, are those tactics that stimulate the process of getting followers. Use them and try to be available as much as you can with your every content.

Be an informer. Before writing, give a minute to think and why does someone read your blog. What is new in it for the readers and what will finally be the readers’ gain. The point is, if you are a professional blogger, you are writing for people and people love to write informative articles, so try to make your writing as informative as you can.

Trust and share what is relevant and positive. According to many famous and well-established bloggers in the blogosphere today, people love emotions. Feed them positive thought with the sugar-coated emotions and see the increasing popularity without much effort.

Reduce your response time. As per the surveys, more than 50% people expect a response  for their tweet within an hour. The more responsive you are, the more followers you attract.

Regard every Tom-Dick and Harry as your beloved reader and follower. Each reader and follower unintentionally works as an advertising agent for your blog on social media. Even though the one particular reader has only 10 followers, he/she can connect your blog to that 10 people and from those 10, you can reach to 100 and so the number goes on. Every drop in the ocean is important.

The more attractive your blog post is, the more are the chances of boost in your follower number and traffic. Attractive does not mean adding endless pictures or graphics. Attractive means indulging readers to your blog through surveys, sales posts, promotional themes and topics, freebies etc.

Pictures, graphics, videos are the soul of any article. Do you really think people read your endless writing word-to-word? Nah, they see pictures, videos and graphs and if those means are attractive then only one reads the whole article. It is a good idea to add notes with every graphic so even the non-serious readers get the positive vibe of reading.

The sole goal of every blogger is to boost the traffic on social media. The process is simple yet complicated. Although it gives the feel of an oxymoron, but it is the harsh reality. You need to follow these simple processes through complicated means as the proper use of technology and tricks with a lot of patience and the goal is within your reach now.