Oculus Rift Consumer Release

For the past couple years people have been eagerly awaiting the Oculus rift. It had its humble beginnings in a Kickstarter campaign that propelled it to national attention with the large amount of funds it received and the promise of a new generation for gaming in general. The months rolled by and then it was announced that Facebook had acquired the new company. Many people were wary of this decision before it came to light that with such a powerful company backing this system that this was helpful and not detrimental to virtual reality. It also gave the hope and inspiration for Oculus to be more than just a gaming machine, but something that will help propel Virtual Reality to the future. Now after years of waiting and developer kits, the system is on the horizon for its consumer release.

According to Palmer Lucky the high time for preorders will begin this January of 2016. It was announced that developers would be receiving the new versions of the hardware to begin work on new material for the system.

He said that Oculus was “still on-target for an awesome Rift launch in Q1”, and also assured consumers that “we won’t launch pre-orders without warning”.

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